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2019/2020 Tournament Match Reports

February 23rd, 2020 - U12 Girls

Brilliant morning of hockey with our U12 Girls.

As we weren’t playing until the 4th game it took us a little while to warm up our bodies and hockey brains. A well worked goal from Georgia woke everyone up and we went on to win 1-0 against Hull. Evenly matched games against City of York and Sheffield saw us come away with 0-0 draws. A strong start against Harrogate our attack confidently scored not 1 but 2 goals from Mabel and Georgia. Harrogate snook one in but their attack weren’t a match for our Eloise in goal with the end result a 2-1 win to Bees. The parents and coach certainly weren’t as cool as Eloise! Thirsk provided another evenly matched game but they managed to put a goal past our defence early on and despite our best efforts it resulted in our only loss of the tournament.

Players’ player was spread across the team but was quite rightly won by Eloise. Each tournament she commands the goal and makes brilliant saves well making it look like it’s the easiest thing to do.

Coaches’ player could have gone to a number of players today. Kirstin today was versatile playing 3 different positions and nearly scoring a number of goals. Ruth listened to coaching points and put them into practice. Georgia “2 goals” again played in a number of positions making sure she defended as well as attacked. Obviously Eloise for cracking saves. But today’s coaches player goes to Sophie. She worked really hard as centre mid across the whole pitch supporting players to be there best but also was able to articulate off the pitch what we needed to work on to be even better. Well done Sophie.

We now just have to wait for the scores to be put in by all clubs to see where we have ended up in the league.

Thank you to parents for your support, positive encouragement and puppy pictures. Thank you Tom Grant for umpiring, Pam for the biscuits enjoyed by the whole Bees family and last but not least our girls. The team work on the pitch and the laughs off the pitch is what being a Bingley Bee is all about!

February 16th, 2020 - U10 Girls

History in the making!

Well done to our awesome U10 girls who played in our first ever U10 girls tournament. Primarily I must say we didn’t get blown away or wet!! Thank you Jess for the professional warm up. For 4 of our squad this was their first time playing tournament hockey and even being on a proper hockey pitch with goals and a D! The girls all showed individual and team strength rising to the challenge. 4 games against Wakefield, Selby, Thirsk and Leeds saw them come away with 2 losses and 2 wins and 4 goals. Every player followed my 3 rules – play safe, have fun and have a go!! Then after adding Emma rule 4 – they got their Grrrr and won! Players’ player was spread across 6 players: Betsy, Isobelle, Libby shared joint second and joint first was shared by Robyn, Evie and Alessandra. Coaches’ player went to Maddy for giving it her all In various positions and special mentions to Phoebe and Kate for getting stuck, being selfless team players, attacking from defence and scoring.

Thank you all supporters and players and Jo for coaching while umpiring!

January 26th 2020 - U10 Boys

So while lots of “normal” people spend a soggy Sunday morning sitting inside chilling out, our U10 Boys team where out giving it their absolute all.

And they certainly made it a day to remember for their coaches and parents, who braved the weather with them, as they had spectacular results against strong oppositions. In particular the Sheffield game – bet they couldn’t believe what they were seeing after they comfortably beat all the other teams!!

Bees 2-0 Bradford
Bees 1-0 Wakefield
Bees 1-1 Driffield
Bees 0-0 Sheffield

I couldn’t be there to see the games but it was so lovely to hear from the whole team after the last game and how excited they were with the results and the team play. It really brought a massive smile and I couldn’t be prouder.

The team work was reflected in the players’ players result with a wide spread of votes. Well done Jude on winning this. I’ve heard great things about your awesome goal keeping against Sheffield. You played a very important part in the result. Coaches’ player goes to Kate who once again proved herself an integral part of the team.

Special mentions to Barney & Thomas for also taking your turn in goal and also well done Jake, Robyn & George on your goals. Thank you Sian, Janice, Mark and the parents for being a big part in making today happen for our MiniBees.

With the introduction of our U10 Girls team our next tournament on the 1 March will hopefully have the same squad.. and with those results we may have got promoted…watch this space…

December 15th, 2019 - U14s

Amazing hockey today by our U14s. From the first game the teamwork shone through with everyone working for each other. They linked together all the way from defence up to attack and put into practice the work we’ve been doing on driving the ball down the wings and getting into the D where players were waiting to have a shot at goal. Solid tackling from all players meant very few goal scoring opportunities and if they did they were saved by Harry who played outstanding especially as he’s an outfield player.

Players’ players truly reflected the team work of the day and was such a close call the team have had to wait to hear the results. It could very easily have been shared across 5 players but with 1 extra vote we have a winner – Charlie J. Very pleased you played up front with 2 spectacular goals in the first game and 4 very near misses in the last game.

Coaches’ player could have gone to any number of our bees. I have to give a special mention to Evie who really battled for every ball, getting in some strong tackles. Taking on the big boys in attack she grew in confidence with every game. But coaches player this time goes to Alex. He is always a solid player but today he stepped it up another gear. Every ball he went for he got, pushing up from defence but also working back. Well done Alex.

Full-pitch hockey is hard, not just because it is a bigger pitch but also you have to be more disciplined as players. That is something that isn’t easy to coach in an hour a week. Even more so when they only get to play hockey together on tournament days.

It’s been brilliant to watch all of our teams blossom over the tournaments this half of the season and the joy you see on our MiniBees faces is reflected in the parents and coaches. Already looking forward to what 2020 has to bring.

Ps.. decided to get some practice in for Tuesday.

November 17th, 2019 - U12 Girls

Another brilliant morning of hockey for our U12 Girls. So very proud of their listening, effort, team work but most importantly their fun and friendship that comes from playing these tournaments. We all commented on how lovely it is to have nearly the same team playing every time.

And all of this brought us great results especially up against the big clubs with so many teams. Having been promoted into this division it could have been incredible tough but once again our girls rose to the challenge. They put into practise what they had learnt in training and came away with 3 wins and 2 narrow losses. Well done to our goal scorers Mabel (2), Sophie (1), Lydia (1) and Evie (1).

Players’ player was once again a good spread across the team with Sophie, Kirstin, Eloise and Ruth getting votes. But well done to Lydia and Mabel sharing it this tournament.

Coaches’ player needs a number of special mentions. Kirstin – today was the best I’ve seen you play, getting stuck in and having the confidence to speak up. Eloise – cracking saves with other coaches noticing your skill. Georgia – thank you for staying in defence for your team when I know you wanted to attack. Lydia & Evie – sharing your preferred side of the pitch with no complaint and Lydia going into defence when needed. Mabel – each tournament you make me laugh and yes you can be “mean” (that’s tackling to the rest of us) and those goals have come from that. Sophie – great individual skill especially in being able to dribble the ball whilst taking your face mask off. But coaches player this time goes to Ruth who has grown into her defence position making it her own ensuring players were marked as well as getting in solid tackles.

The pictures from today show how happy we are. Thank you parents for looking after the team when I was umpiring and thank you Pam for the supply of biscuits once again.

November 10th, 2019 - U16 Girls & U14 Boys (sort of)

Well done to our u16 Girls this morning. As part of Airedale’s team they won 2 and drew 1 which secures them promotion. Great work Olivia on your goal.

It was very touching to see Remembrance Sunday was also observed at 11am around the centre of the pitch by all clubs.

A shame the U14 boys cup was postponed today because of frozen pitch where Charlie was supporting Airedale in goal.

Good luck to our mini bees who continue their trials today.

November 3rd, 2019 - U10 Boys

A fun filled morning of hockey for our “U10 Boys”. We might not have won any games but we scored a goal which for a team of natural defenders is a great result. Well done Kate on your first goal for bees, you should be let out of defence more often.

Along side our strong defence our midfield and attack worked hard making sure they came back getting in some strong tackles whilst doing their job of trying to score.

Things to continue working on are marking and the grr for goal but these things will come. And 3 hrs of hockey is a long time to concentrate and put in so much effort.

Players’ players shows what a team effort it was with 3 players sharing it with 2 votes each. Well done Robyn, Thomas and Jacob.

Coaches’ player this week goes to Thomas for reading the game both in goal and outfield making the vital pass to Kate to score.

Thank you to the team for taking it in turns in goal, parents for supporting our mini bees and Emma, Sian, Janice and Mark for making this morning of hockey happen.

November 3rd, 2019 - U14 Boys

Todays tournament for our “U14 boys” team saw us travel to Pocklington. First up against a mixed team from 3 clubs saw a very even match with the whole team getting involved. A goal against us in the very last seconds of the game meant a 1-0 loss but a draw would have been a more fair result.

Next up against a more experienced Bradford had us working hard in defence. A 2-0 loss was the right result after some great defending but could easily have been a draw if our shots on goal had hit target.

Final game was against a full age group strength Doncaster who had won all their previous games. On the sideline we all commented on how this was our best game and whilst we lost 3-0 that actually reflected on how well we played with some brilliant runs from our forwards.

We might not have won any games but what we did have was lots of fun both on and off the pitch for players and parents alike. We have stuff to work on but as only our second outing as a team we should be proud of our young players.

Players’ player was a close call with Huw being just pipped by Erin. Erin got the double by also winning coaches’ player for solid, well timed defending especially against the strong boys of Bradford and Doncaster. Clearly her new stick purchase is already paying off.

A big thank you to Doncaster and Bradford for the loan of their keepers. Young stars in the making. Thank you Sophie for playing extra hockey for Bradford, Andrew for umpiring and parents for transporting your mini bees and being so supportive.

October 27th, 2019 - U12 Boys

A glorious morning for our U12 Boys tournament in Div 2. A great first game with a composed goal at a short corner on the final whistle putting us 1-0 up. The next game was end to end but we couldn’t quite make the shots on goal count coming away with a solid draw. The next 2 games were tough, with both teams well drilled. Some of the goals wouldn’t have been out of place in an adult game! Final game was against our local rivals and friends Airedale. We had supported them with players and umpiring during the tournament and it was a lovely game to watch. A shame the result wasn’t in our favour but we shouldn’t come away disheartened.

Some great hockey and lovely to see the bees enjoying themselves both on and off the pitch. Always things we can take away and put into our training ready for the next tournament (which for some of our players is only next week!).

Players’ player this time went to Huw who had a very solid tournament. Coaches’ player went to Thomas. He readily agreed to go in goal making some brilliant saves. He agreed to stay in for an extra game as we had already seen what the opposition could do against the other teams! Thank you Jack for stepping in then to let Thomas have a run.

Enjoy your week off MiniBees and see some of you next weekend!

October 20th, 2019 - U12 Girls

Thank you U12 Girls for playing the best hockey I’ve ever seen you play as a team.

From the first match to the last you kept up the energy and “grr” on the ball. Fantastic block tackles and movement into space. You listened and worked together as a team, and the goals kept coming with Sophie scoring 5, Lydia 2 and Mabel 1 and could have been many more if we’d not kept hitting the post. You all proved how versatile you are on the pitch by playing multiple positions. I’ve found a new defence trio…woohoo. Thank you “cool as a cucumber” Eloise for being in goal. You didn’t always have a lot to do but when you did it was perfectly placed.

It was very hard to single out individuals this tournament for awards as you all deserve it for different reasons. This was shown by the spread of players’ player but it deservedly today went to Evie. She worked tirelessly today in midfield really listening and thinking hockey as well as running loads. Well done. Coaches’ player today could have been anyone’s but with 5 goals (one a reverse stick sweep), and contributing massively to the attack and defence today, it goes to Sophie. As coaches’ daughter, she does have to work extra hard to get this vote and today she did that and more.

Girls, today you have made your coach and parents incredibly proud!

October, 6th 2019 - U10s & U14 Boys

Today we celebrate team work from our U10’s and our new U14’s with 24 minibees representing our club.

The first tournament of a new season is always hard with experienced players moving up an age group, but that didn’t put off our new U10’s. From the first game against a very strong Thirsk, who’s shots were unstoppable, they really grew in confidence and ability to pass and dribble. This teamwork was also reflected in the great spread of votes for players’ players (1/2 votes had to be deployed it was so tricky) but this week it was shared between Gabriel and Barney. Well done boys.

Coaches’ player was very hard to decide as they all played their bee socks off but as Kate was so fearless in defence from the get go she just clinched, it but it could have given it to any one of them. They were all stars and, despite the scores, played with smiles on their faces and didn’t give up. Well done our rising stars – this is a great start to our new season.

Big thank you to our guest goal keepers Libby and Jude who stepped into the kit to give Thomas a chance to play outfield.

Today was a special moment for our club with the introduction of our U14 boys team – well, when we say boys, we mean mixed and, when we say U14s, we might have had a few 10-year-olds in our strong squad of 15.

It’s a massive jump from 7-a-side half pitch to 11-a-side full pitch with only a handful of our players having experienced that before. Not only is it a new structure, it’s longer games and a lot of running! It did make the coaches (and ok parents) laugh a little at how they would manage with the extra fitness required.

The whole squad showed maturity, both on and off the pitch, listening to instructions and putting it into practice. Quick subbing had bees playing in different positions which shows what a versatile squad we have. Full-pitch hockey really needs players to do their jobs and the bees did this by keeping the structure and working the ball solidly out of defence to give our midfield and attackers chances at goal.

Players’ player was spread across the squad but it rightly went to one of our youngest members, Harry, who showed great skill and also managed to bag himself a goal. Well done also to Alex who managed to get the only goal against Wakefield. Coaches’ player went to Sam who, from the minute the games started, played the best hockey we’ve seen from him. Keep up the good work Sam. Thank you to our bees who also supported other clubs. That’s a lot of hockey in one day!

Really looking forward to Tuesday and building on today’s hard work.

Finally a big thank you to the parents who helped make today happen. As parent coaches with kids playing at different pitches and trials, Janice and I couldn’t manage the hockey we do without the bees family around us. Thank you Andrew & Mark H for umpiring and Mark O, Sian and Erica for running the teams as we moved between pitches.

September 29th, 2019 - U12 Boys, U16 Girls & U12 Girls

Bingley Bees really is a hockey family. With hockey going on across the district today it was a full team effort getting everyone to the right places and home again (don’t even mention the rain or cycling!) and what a day of hockey we had…

U12 Boys – Coach Janice
Team you were amazing!! So good to watch the teamwork and the thought that went into play today: consideration, attacking from defence, taking one for the team…I could go on!! Proud coach and parents I am sure.

Players player went to Huw and so does coaches’ player .. though it’s been a really hard decision. Everyone worked so hard today and it was the best teamwork I’ve seen in along while. The oppositions thought the team had been together for years not just a few weeks. With 3 solid wins, a draw and a narrow loss it’s a shame it’s not promotion this time but keep working hard in training and building on today’s efforts and it will come.

Meanwhile my lounge is still full of drying out keeper kits!! Thank you all for having a go!!

U16 Girls – supporting coach Jo
3 of our older bees represented our club as part of Airedale hockey’s U16 girls team. Well done to all the girls who played with Libby scoring the first goal in a 3-0 win – when she next tells me she’s not a forward, I’ll remind her of how versatile she was playing both up front and in defence! The second game saw our girls be part of an 8-1 win. Promotion for the team and guaranteed places for our bees in the squad.

U12 Girls Trials – Jo (parent trying not to coach!!)
3 of our girls stepped up to show our county what they were made of. All 3 had many moments of greatness with their bees socks helping them stand out amongst the colours of the bigger clubs. This was the first of 4 trial dates and I know they will continue to show their skills and team spirit.

And to finish, a comment from a parent from today’s U12 boys – “Also thought it was great how they all reacted when Huw & Callum went down injured & they all went over to check on them both. Fantastic team spirit #GOTYOURBACK

This is bees family!

September 22nd, 2019 - U12 Girls

A great morning of hockey with our U12 Girls.

I’ll gloss over the absolute soaking we all got setting up and during the first couple of games…and after only 2 weeks back at training we smashed it. 3 wins and 1 draw will see us getting promoted to Div E. All the team worked hard, trying to stay in position and keeping up with the game both attacking and defending. Lots of things learnt today including tackling isn’t mean and even at U12s it’s important to be fit… yes I shout as much at the girls to run as I do in my own games. Thank you girls for listening and also supporting the subbing decision.. a real team effort.

Players’ player and coaches’ player for this first tournament went to Georgia. She read the game well, timing the tackles, marking players and distributing the ball. Well done Georgia.

A special thank you to Thomas for stepping up in goal and especially as you didn’t have any time off playing also for Harrogate. True bees spirit.

I hope you have all dried out and are having a chilled out afternoon.

2018/2019 Tournament Match Reports

March 2019 - U12 Boys

Sunday afternoon was all about the boys (okay, and three of our girls!). Matches at both Adel and Weetwood topped off our fantastic day of hockey with 26 U12s representing our club.
At Adel they braved the drop in temperature. A couple of new faces complemented our more experienced crew even if lots of that experience was from the U10s. The Minis worked hard to keep structure even when the temptation was to follow the ball and get stuck in. They attacked as a whole team, but were unlucky not to score any goals. This effort was replicated in defence, as they also worked together to defend as a team.
The results though didn’t always match the determination put in by our Bees with two draws and two narrow losses. The final game may have had a larger goal difference but playing without a keeper to get the game done before the rain added an extra challenge.
We can’t forget our Bees team spirit of helping others with seven of our players helping out two clubs. Our Mini Bees seem to live by the mantra: the more hockey, the better!
For the U12 boys at Weetwood, the blue skies were deceptive and it was freezing. Their first game was tough against Grimsby, who had already played so had settled in, and an unlucky goal saw them lose 1-0. The next match was against Slazengers, but by then our Minis had found their game and finished with a 4-0 win. The third game was Thirsk and an unfortunate penalty corner resulted in a goal for the opposition. The penultimate game was against a strong Gateshead team but our team did us proud with some cracking saves from our goalie but an unlucky goal meant that Gateshead won 1-0. The final game against Doncaster was a 1-1 draw, a good result as the team were tiring and they had no subs due to injury.
Thank you as always parents, for supporting your children and us coaches.

March 2019 - U12 Girls

On Sunday morning we saw our U12 girls in their first tournament in the Yorkshire youth league. The sun shone on our girls and, the smiles from them, their parents and especially the coach matched it.
We had no idea what to expect from girls but we knew after years of playing against the boys they would give it a good go. They certainly did. Every single one of our them played their bees socks off. They worked hard, listened, were versatile by playing different positions and from this the results came. Their first match, though, was a bit of settling in period with a narrow loss of 2-1, from then on in, they fully shined: three games, three wins, one of them 3-0. The final game was a 0-0 draw but they were close to scoring.
We’ll be sad to see a couple of the girls graduate from the U12s but if everything goes to plan they have a bright future in our U14s (unfortunately it will be back with the boys!). For the rest of our girls team, they will definitely be back for more next season.
A big thank you to everyone for their support.

February 2019 - U12s

It was a fantastic morning of hockey for our U12s A and B team on Sunday. The A team played at Weetwood. Their first two games were very evenly matched, but sadly, in both the opposition managed to just get one past them. The team managed to keep their heads though, and came back in the third game with a 2-0 win; with great team goals made possible by fabulous passing and working round the keeper in the D. The fourth game saw another victory with a 2-1 win. The final game of the day brought them a 1-1 draw.
For the boys U12s B team it was a step up to the next division and the first time out as team, with a number of the boys making their debut from the U10s. They were supported by the more experienced U12 girls, so it was always going to be an exciting morning. From the start the team gave it their all, defending and attacking as a team. Each game they improved and worked hard on marking and keeping their positions on the pitch. Strong defending meant balls were coming through to the midfield and attack with some great attempts on goal. The results didn’t match the flow of the games with three loses and a win. The disappointment from our Mini Bees in the last game, with a narrow loss, shows just how much hockey means to them and we hope they take away the knowledge that their coach and parents are incredibly proud of them.

January 2019 - U10s

Sunday was a great day to be a Bingley Bee.
Firstly there was some fantastic teamwork going on from everyone who was representing Bingley Bees. That though, wasn’t just the players on the pitch but also the volunteers who stepped in and umpired, goalkeeper coached and helped run the U10s. It also included those parents and grandparents who teamed up, shared lifts and were so supportive of our players in such a positive way; as one of our Mini Bees said: “Awesome Teamwork”.
It was the second time out for our U10s with a slightly different team from last month. From the start, the team put into practice what they had learnt in training and actually, a few skills they hadn’t, with an amazing pass around the back which our senior teams would have been proud of. The defenders did exactly what was asked of them, pushing up into the attack when they could, resulting in them sometimes being in their attacking D. Everyone worked hard on keeping to their positions on the pitch which meant players were in the right spaces to receive the pass, and, when they weren’t, it confused the opposition as well as the coaches! This along with some individual brilliance resulted in some great score sheets – 1-1 draw, 2-0 win, 2-1 win, 4-0 loss and a 1-0 win. Once again our Mini Bees showed good hockey spirit by playing for Wakefield Hockey Club who were short of players.
At the other end of the age groups we had our U16 girls. This year we have linked with Airedale Hockey Club to enable our older girls the chance to play competitive hockey. All four of our girls were an asset to the team especially as for three of them it was the first time they had played a full pitch 11-a-side game. Four draws and one loss made for a great morning out.
The future of our club is safe with this brilliant lot!

November 2018 - U10s

We were so proud of every single one our U10s on Sunday. Only three out of the 10 Mini Bees had played tournament hockey for the club before but, you wouldn’t know it. They worked really well on keeping their positions on the pitch, passing the ball and, that all important tackling they have been working on. This resulted in a fantastic three wins, one draw and a narrow loss. The whole team effort was reflected in the Man of the Match results with every player getting a vote.

Also in true Bees’ style, we loaned players to two other clubs ensuring that all our U10s had a great experience.

A big thank you to the parents for their support especially as it was a bit chilly, and once again for the supply of the team biscuits.

Well done Team Bees.

November 2018 - U12s

A great morning for hockey.

At Bingley Bees we always like to mix it up a bit and this week our boys’ B team were all girls. We couldn’t have asked for more effort in spirit and running from the team, especially as we loaned some players and an umpire to another club in the exchange for a keeper! Whilst they didn’t win any games they have learnt a lot, especially as for some this was only their first/second time of playing competitive hockey. We can coach skills at training but they only really learn the game from playing. All the girls showed some lovely skill.

Things for the U12s’ B team to take away from today is to be confident of their own ability, go to the ball for the tackle and enjoy the game.

Our U12s’ A team played at Weetwood and rocked it. They played five games, winning three and drawing two, scoring 11 goals in all with only two goals against.

Well done everyone your coach and parents are proud. Also a big thank you to those who helped out today.