Subscriptions and New Kit

The membership form is available online, as last year.  See .  This includes all information about the different subscription types and rates for this season and details on how to pay.  If you would prefer to complete a paper copy rather than an online form, please contact us and let us know and we can hand you a paper copy.  Alternatively, click here for a PDF version you can print out.

Please note that in order to get the discounted rate, the deadline for paying either the full amount or the first instalment is 30th September.  Besides, it really helps our finances to get subscriptions in early in the season – thank you!

We are also asking all playing club members to pay an additional £5 for a pair of new club socks, when paying membership.  The cost of these is slightly subsidized by the club and additional pairs can be bought for £6.

Regarding new kit, the captains will hold the new socks to be distributed once people have paid their subs (or they can get them from Jo Dean at training before the season starts).  Jo has additional pairs of socks for purchase.

Please see the PDF with all the details about ordering kit. The link to the website and our page is

Any questions just let us know.